That tricky corner you can do nothing with!

That tricky corner you can do nothing with!

You know the one; every house has at least one! Just look around the room you are in now – I bet you can spot one right now. It’s the wrong shape for furniture; you could use it for storage but you can’t put a cupboard in it because you can’t get cupboards or furniture that shape OR CAN YOU?

You can indeed!

Somerset Panels can help you. Very few people realise that we specialise in creating storage in those tricky areas such as under stairs, in alcoves, spaces with sloping ceilings, bespoke size cupboards for any shape and size; in commercial or domestic settings. We can make that tricky space work for you.

The choice of finishes and styling is huge. You can have them in timber, painted doors, laminate, glass, leather, metal leaf and even colour matched to your Dulux swatch!

The only thing you need is an imagination and our phone number!

Get thinking now and make the most of your spaces.

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