Environmental Policy

Many of our customers are very pleased to hear that their old furniture and worktops are not going to landfill. Here is what we do to ensure we are doing our bit to look after our planet...

  • All our wood waste is used to heat the premises, including our paint spraying area. This means our drying times are reduced on our water-based paints, limiting the use of solvent based products, which dry quicker.

  • All our cardboard packaging is sent for recycling or is used for packaging our out-going products.

  • All our polyurethane wrapping ie: bubble wrap is also sent for recycling or reused for packaging, sometimes a number of times!

  • In 2021 we aim to recycle all waste metal eg old hinges, handles, hanging rails, sinks etc, removed from old kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms.

  • Artboard 2

    Over the past 5 years we have cut our skip usage from 13 full skips a year to around about 3 now.