What is the cost of a new kitchen?

What is the cost of a new kitchen?

When your kitchen is getting tired and dated, your appliances looking battered and the kitchen sink showing signs of distinct battle scarring you know it’s time to invest in a new one….but….

  1. Isn’t it going to be hugely expensive?
  2. The disruption to family life is unbearable
  • No cooking facilities
  • No water
  • Dust everywhere
  • Nowhere for the cat/dog bowl!
  • Weeks of people in your house
  • AND – I am limited on the design I have anyway.

Given the list above it is hardly surprising that we generally only update our kitchens on average every 10 years.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

If you are basically happy with the layout of your kitchen with maybe a few tweaks, and the original carcasses of your kitchen are still sound, you could replace your doors and worktops for a fraction of the price of a new kitchen. The choice in colours, textures, styles and materials that we stock are huge. Not only could you get an extremely good value for money kitchen, you get a UNIQUE one – not picked out of a small selection that the large stores stock!

If tiling is a chore, you can use splash backs that are easy, quick and durable.

Instead of weeks of work, your new kitchen could be installed in a couple of days depending on complexity and size. Doors and worktops can be cut to any size you want, not just ‘standard’ so if you have an unusual area where you would like a new cupboard, display unit, worktop – we can help you.

The message we would like to convey to you, is please come to us first; so many of our customers find us after they have tried other places first and are then referred to us – a quick call into our showroom will reassure you that our range cannot be beaten in Somerset!

AND did you know that we can match any Dulux paint swatch and make doors and worktops to that exact colour? How different is that?